Disabled Access

The Airport accessibility conditions for people with reduced mobility.

Malaga Airport, Costa del Sol has worked to improve the accessibility and other airport services for people with reduced mobility (PRM). In recent years there has beensignificant progress in removing physical barriers in the passenger terminal, parkingand access to the airport grounds.

Passengers and users who have impaired mobility and accessibility can get comfortable on the airport grounds, using the services and facilities offered, through the following actions:

  • Construction of lifts and ramps, some of them mechanical, for people with reduced mobility to access the different levels or floors of the airport without the stairs.
  • Zones has been allocated for disabled vehicles on the sidewalk close to the entrances to the building. This area is properly marked and have been lowered at the pavement and have  a suitable type of flooring according to regulations.
  • Seats have been reserved for people with reduced mobility in the waiting area before passing the security checks.
  • Going through security checkpoints is a special way, ie, has enabled a quick accesszone for the disabled and instead of going through the security filters, manual inspectionis performed with detectors.
  • Once past the security filters, there is  a seating area reserved where they can wait until the time of embarking, close to the information desks handling company.
  • Similarly, near the boarding gates the number of seats has increased and these are reserved for people with reduced mobility.
  • Finally, there have been recent adaptations of the gateways to facilitate and expedite the transfer of persons with reduced mobility from the terminal to the aircraft and vice versa, either in wheelchairs or with special vehicles used by companies handling (ambulift ).
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