One of the basic tasks for recycling is the separation at source. To do this, the airport has several separate containers and a waste sorting plant.

The waste treatment plant, classified and selected inorganic waste (paper, glass, etc).Most of the classified material is sold later to the recycling industries.

This same plant is also used for temporary storage, labeling and packaging of toxic products, such as oils, batteries, fuel remains or mercury lamps. The airport handleswith various companies specialized collection and subsequent treatment of these wastes.

Furthermore, an additional collection is performed by office-office-cardboard, paper,batteries, lamps and spare parts of printers and copiers. Thus, it has been completely eliminate the dumping of such waste.

The collection, sorting and separation of waste is carried out in collaboration with theSpecial Employment Centre, which maintains a cooperation agreement with the airport.

In 2004, the airport of Malaga, Costa del Sol recycled 67,930 kg of paper, 11,020 kg of glass, 2570 kg of cans, 45,360 kg and 13,990 kg of scrap plastic.

Finally, to prevent spills of oils and fuels, environmentally friendly aircraft, the airport hasoil separators and a special truck to remove spills of fuels produced on the platform.

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