Malaga Aiport, Andalucia, Costa Del Sol, Spain

The airport of the south Spanish city of Malaga is eight kilometers southwest of the city. It is one of the oldest Spanish airports. In 1919 Spanish aviation pioneers were in search of a suitable area for an airport. They went to a piece of land that is known as El Rompedizo, that was also the name of the airport for some time. The name was later changed to García Morato and in 1965 it officially became Malaga Airport.

In 2005 more than 12.5 million passengers flew via Malaga Airport, most people come from Great Britain. The busiest connections are with London-Gatwick, Manchester, London-Luton and Dublin. After that is Brussels and Amsterdam. In the high season Malaga Airport is very busy and the waiting times for checking-in can be very long.

Beginning in 2006 many activities began to offer better facilities for the growing amount of passengers going to the sunny destinations of the Costa del Sol. Work began on a new terminal and there are plans for a second runway.

The new Terminal (T3) is now open and operating to faciliate the increasing flow of visitors to this fantastic part of the world.

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